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Academic Integrity

TCNJ has created a Powerpoint Presentation to educate first-year students about TCNJ’s Academic Integrity policies.

  • TCNJ Academic Integrity Presentation. (***updated 8/22/2015) This Powerpoint presents an overview of Academic Integrity, six case studies (with a discussion for the instructor in the notes section at the bottom of each slide), and a discussion of the academic integrity process at TCNJ.  It revises the original presentation.
  • TCNJ Academic Integrity Brochure. (***updated 8/22/2015) This is the official brochure distributed and signed by first-semester students.


Academic Integrity policy (effective July 7, 2015):

TCNJ Student Conduct Code: Rights and Responsibilities, Conduct Expectations, and Student Conduct Violations Process:

Grade Appeals policy:

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